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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Shorter Navy: "To the Rear, March!"

The US Navy is keeping its yeomen, boatswain's mates and masters-at-arms.

The quartermasters and legalmen will stick around too, not to mention the hospital corpsmen.

After months of withering criticism from rank and file, officials on Wednesday announced a course reversal from an earlier decision to scrap the storied tradition of calling enlisted sailors by their naval occupations.
The Fort Fumble mafia hasn't screwed up this badly since they ditched the traditional sailor' uniform in the early `70s. At least this time, it didn't take years for them to figure it out.


3383 said...

The position of MCPON is too much of a lifer politician suckup billet, apparently. He should've said this in the first place, not supported the mistake.

We need a PO3ON, with the main qualification being one and ONLY one reenlistment, and the billet is a sunset posting. Maybe a nuc or someone used to telling superiors they are about to do something stupid.

LRod said...

A-roar, har!

(Peter Graves in "Texas Across the River")

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired