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Friday, December 30, 2016

Because It's Friday

Russian steam:

Seems like kind of a brute-force way to avoid having to turn the train around.


Stewart Dean said...

From my 50 years ago college russian and google translate the writing on the cars appears to be Moscow region counter-offensive.
It's amusing that is Russia, graffiti is replaced with propaganda words and images.
Grrreat paint job.
Must have been summer, so little snow on the ground.

The Russians build fantastic gutsy machinery, like this hydrofoil the likes of which I rode in from Leningrad to Peter the Great's summer palace...in 1968. It was powered with something like twin v-12s woth DOHCs.

Windy Wilson said...

This might be part of the reason the USSR wasn't the economic powerhouse it claimed to be. This doesn't seem so much like a brute force workaround; it seems more like a really wasteful work-around, since clearly three passenger cars even full, don't need two locomotives with --what, 18 drive wheels? Think of the coal consumed! But this is what happens when the profit motive is removed from the equation.

Old NFO said...

YEp, different, no question!

montag said...

Might just be an easy way to exercise two old machines on one run?