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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I Don't Plan on Ever Seeing This Fly

Imaginactive has come up with an updated hypersonic jet concept designed to make our world a lot smaller. Named Paradoxal, the aircraft would fly at the edge of space, allowing it to cut trips from Los Angeles to Sydney down to 3 hours, Imaginactive said. Today, that trip takes commercial airlines more than 14 hours to complete. Passengers would sit in one large, theatre-like cabin rather than a narrow tube as they do in today’s commercial airliners.

Paradoxal would be powered by two rotary ramjet engines, which would power the flying wing to around 60,000 feet, reaching speeds of around Mach 3. At that point, liquid oxygen would be injected into the gas port converting the engines to rockets. The rockets would take Paradoxal at supersonic speeds to an altitude of about 40 miles where it would fly a sub-orbital parabolic trajectory at hypersonic speeds.
I thought that the whole point of ramjets was that they had no moving parts, but times change.

I'd be surprised if such a thing flew before 2050, which is why I'm not planning to fly in one.


Nangleator said...

So... it's an ambush predator company that devours investor money and produces PowerPoint slides and CG animations to lure more prey?

Nangleator said...

Also, isn't the flying wing design terrible for supersonic--never mind hypersonic--speed?

deadstick said...

Bingo. Another mouth at the venture capital water hole.

Comrade Misfit said...

Nothing wrong with drinking at that watering hole.

Nangleator said...

Yeah, nothing really wrong. It's a special, and VERY expensive, type of private movie-watching experience for people with too much money. Role-playing as important business people, to a certain extent.