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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jeez, Donald, Grow Up and Grow a Skin

SNL did this:

And the Petulant Tweener-Elect immediately took to Twitter to let the world know that He Was Not Amused:
Alec Baldwin was back on "Saturday Night Live" this week to mock Donald Trump's love of tweeting, and the real president-elect hopped on his favorite social media platform during the show to let Baldwin know he wasn't laughing.

Trump has been displaying the thin skin typical of a Middle-Eastern despot, such as Saddam Hussein.[1] If he can't the level of satire and mocking that Americans typically dish out to politicians, then this is going to be a rough few years.
[1] Or Richard Nixon.


BadTux said...

What's his incentive to do so? After all, being a thin-skinned embarrassment to the nation has worked out well for him so far, as well as letting every parent of a class clown say to their child, "you, too, if you grow up, can become President!".

He doesn't care. He doesn't have to. He done been electorated. Not fair and square, but that's our problem, not his.

Marc said...

Actually, he can just let his kids run things, while he goes on Twitter fights and does biz with other national leaders. What could go wrong?

Stewart Dean said...

Dear SNL:
Keep the sadness coming. Might be a good idea to get a MANPAD and have someone qualified stationed atop the studio, though.