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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trump: Blowhard, Liar or Unindicted Felon?

That was then:
Trump called on Obama to release his college applications, transcripts and other records, asking how such a “terrible student” got into Ivy League schools. The business executive also demanded that Obama release his passport records and, most famously, his birth certificate, declaring in a video released before the 2012 election: “We know very little about our president.”
This is now:
He has refused to release many of the same documents that he demanded from Obama, including college transcripts and passport records. He has shirked the decades-old tradition of major nominees releasing their tax returns and other documentation to prove their readiness and fitness for office. And he has yet to release records showing why he received a medical deferment during the Vietnam War and whether he has actually donated the millions of dollars he claims to have given to charity.
What is Trump hiding? Could his college transcripts show that he was accused of nefarious things such as plagiarism and sexual assault of his roomie? Has he lies about his business dealings? Has he actually given very little to charities? Do the records show payoffs to government officials to smooth the way for his developments? Colluding with banks to shut off credit to rivals? Was Melania in the country illegally and did he know that?

Nobody knows.

Still, the argument that The Donald put forth to support his demand for records about President Obama applies equally to him. We know very little about The Donald, other than the lies and bullshit that he has spread about for the last forty-odd years.

Come clean, Trump.


D. said...

Well, he's definitely a "Required of Thee, Not for Me" type, isn't he?

Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

I demand to see his long-form worth certificates! As for 'Nam, at this point I'm about ready to believe that he qualified for whatever the pre-enlistment analog of a "Section-8" discharge would be.


"The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along."
- Arnold H. Glasow

B said...

I agree with you. We should know a lot about the pasts of our presidential nominees...

If only the press had pressed Obama for such things though. How much would have been brought to light? (Hint: Lots) If they had, I doubt that he'd be president today

But they didn't.

Which doesn't mean they shouldn't do their jobs this time, mind you..

CenterPuke88 said...

He's a typical bullshit artist, and if you lift the curtain, you'll see who the wizard really is. So he goes on, with sound and fury, bluster and bullshit, until the inevitable stumble that brings the whole, rotting edifice down around him. The question is, will that happen in time to prevent him assending to the Presidency?

Robert Fowler said...

"And he has yet to release records showing why he received a medical deferment during the Vietnam War".

I'd like the answer to that question. I also think there should be a amendment to the Constitution requiring military service to be Pres. People that have served tend to be a little more hesitant to send the boys and girls off to kick ass in some third world shithole.

Of course there are a lot of those chicken hawks I'd like to answer that question.

Nangleator said...

B, give us an example. What's in Obama's past that disqualifies him? (Does it involve the use of a time machine?)

B said...

Well, lets see. We could go to his college records, where he is a citizen of Indonesia, until suddenly he was a citizen of the US.

Pretty much all of "Dreams of my Fathers"

Lots more, but the press ignored him.

If they'd dig through the garbage of the liberal nominees like they dig through the trash of the conservative ones, likely we'd never get anyone elected...from either party.

Nangleator said...

I don't know what Indonesia or Indonesian colleges require for citizenship. I know what the United States requires. He fits.

I didn't read "Dreams of my Father." Does it go beyond free speech into sedition? I've seen positive comments about it, and about him as a writer.

Lots more counter-arguments.

I've seen quite a bit of digging on liberals, like both Clintons. Too bad all the digging was wasted effort; it turned up nothing legally actionable.