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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hacking the NSA (Plus, Your Daily Donald)

A bunch of hacking tools developed by the NSA are now out in the wild. There are claims that the NSA has been hacked. I'm a bit skeptical, more likely somebody did something stupid and either stored the files in an insecure location or something like that. As the old maxim goes: "Never attribute to cupidity that which can be attributed to stupidity."

But we'll all probably know more in the coming days.

Meanwhile, The Donald is shaking up his campaign.
Donald Trump moved to overhaul his troubled campaign on Wednesday, hiring the head of conservative website Breitbart News as chief executive officer and promoting a seasoned political operative to a senior role.

Stephen Bannon, the combative executive chairman of Breitbart, was named CEO, the Trump campaign said in a statement. It also said Kellyanne Conway, who has been an adviser, will take on the role of campaign manager.
Other than demoting an alleged Russian operative, I don't know what is served by putting a former Goldman Sachs bankster and professional loudmouth in charge. If the recent polling is akin to reports of icebergs, Trump just rang up a flank bell.

Hillary Clinton has some real problems. Problems a seasoned pol would have no trouble exploiting. But The Donald is not a professional pol, but a professional huckster, a con artist. He can't count on Clinton to make stupid unforced errors.

The reverse, so far, isn't true. Against a non-batshit crazed candidate, Clinton would be in a serious fight and would stand a good chance of losing.

Oh, and Republicans should give up their fantasies about sending her to jail. If she does lose, you can bet your paycheck on whose name is going to be on a presidential pardon on the morning of January 20th. It'll be one last "mic drop" aimed at the GOP.

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