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Monday, August 15, 2016

RNC, Good Luck With That.

The GOP wants Trump to reach out to African-Americans, and at least one of his staffies agrees:
Conceding that she is “extremely concerned” about Mr. Trump’s standing among blacks, Omarosa Manigault, his director of African-American outreach, said she wanted to bring him before black audiences.

“I am now looking at opportunities for Mr. Trump to get in front of key partners in the African-American community, particularly civil rights groups and faith groups, particularly historically black colleges and universities,” said Ms. Manigault, who achieved fame as a contestant on the first season of Mr. Trump’s television show “The Apprentice.”
The problem is that Donald Trump's history with African-Americans includes repeated cases of housing discrimination.
Before he became the king of Atlantic City casinos, before he put his name on steaks or starred on reality television, Donald Trump served his own apprenticeship in the less glamorous family business of renting apartments.

Trump, in his autobiography, recalled learning valuable lessons from his father, Fred: Hunt for bargains. Chase out deadbeats. Spend some money on paint and polish.

Some alleged there was another part to the Trump formula: Make it tough for black people to move in.
Of course, he'll deny it. But the proof was pretty damning.

And people don't forget shit like that.

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bearsense said...

Maybe he can send out recruiters with fists full of Benjamin and get a room full. What the hell ya don't have to vote for him.