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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seriously, Folks, is Trump Mentally Ill?

I don't particularly like using the term, for I know people who have mental challenges. It seems cruel to even suggest that The Donald is in the same category.

But still: Last week, Trump said that he regretted saying hurtful things about people. And then his newest (temporary) campaign manager implied that things were changing.

That didn't last long. The Donald watched "Morning Joe" yesterday and then launched into one of his trademarked Twitter rants, because he didn't like what was said about him.
The man's skin is so thin, it might as well be made of cheap plastic wrap. Write or say something that The Donald doesn't like and he has an overpowering urge/need to strike back. So imagine that little thin-skinned, short-fingered psycho with the power to order around Federal cops, the armed forces, the DoJ and the IRS.

But beyond that, if you're a Republican, I almost feel bad for you. The Democrats nominated their most beatable candidate in two generations and, through a long primary/caucus process, you folks chose somebody who is even worse.

Even Johnnie E. Bush would stand a good chance of beating Clinton like a Taiko drum. A Republican who could appeal to independents and right-of-center Democrats, such as Kaisch, would be mopping the floor with the Clinton campaign. Right now, Kaisch would be running a low-profile campaign and let Clinton twist in the glare of the continuing flap over her emails. Maybe toss in a few comments about the Clinton Foundation and whatnot and watch her poll numbers evaporate. The Democrats would be cursing Joe Biden for not running.

But no, not Trump. He cannot keep his yap shut. He persists in marching back and forth through a minefield whilst wearing clown shoes. He has an apparent compulsion to keep the spotlight on himself, even if he is insulting people or making a condescending pitch to people who despise him so much that, within the margin of error, he's lost the votes of people who won't be born for another five years.

With a moderate Republican candidate, the GOP wouldn't be worried about losing a lot of House seats. They wouldn't be contemplating losing control of the Senate. All of which they are now sweating.

But hey, you guys chose The Donald. Enjoy the ride.

1 comment:

Paul W said...

"With a moderate Republican candidate..."

You see, that's the sticking point right there. THERE ARE NO MODERATE REPUBLICANS LEFT.

The party has done such a masterful job of driving out anybody who would 1) even think of raising taxes to you know pay down the deficits and pay for bridges and schools and stuff, 2) actually do something about reforming our immigration policies in a positive manner to keep families and honest immigrants here, 3) step away from an anti-gay anti-abortion dogma to be pro-people, and 4) honestly do something about income inequality.

That's the kind of candidate who could be giving Hillary fits right now. But there's nobody in the GOP who can: even Kasich (anti-abortion as it gets) and Jeb?! (remember Terri Schiavo) could neither win over the GOP's current voter base of haters nor pretend for general election voters that they were "compassionate" Moderates (voters having been burned by Dubya's false claims in 2000).