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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For Space Nerds, This is Yuuge!

The first full-duration test-firing of a recovered SpaceX booster.

It costs $60 million or so to make that booster stage. Being able to reuse them, reliably, will shave the cost of putting stuff into space.


Old NFO said...

Very nice! :-)

BadTux said...

Given that the list price of a SpaceX launch is $62M total, I call BS on the notion that the first stage alone costs $60M. Figure that it's roughly half the cost of a launch, or around $31M, with fuel and the second stage and the payload shroud and operational costs (people to set it up and launch it) being the remainder of the cost. That said, bringing the cost down by $30M (figuring it takes $1M to recondition/recertify the 1st stage) would still be huge.