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Monday, August 8, 2016

No, I'm Not a Big-Game Hunter

Hell, I don't mess around much with rifles. But it might be fun to have a .404 Jeffery.

Ammo's not cheap, $5/round or so. Brass is $2/hull. Even cheaper dies are just under $100. The bullets are over $1/apiece.

Apparently some dude in RSA is making a few of them for about $2,200, but good luck on importing one. CZ will make one for Lord knows how much. Other than that, the used ones in decent shape are about five times that, or better.

Oh, well.....

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Heh. That was $2200 in 2014. Since then the rand has dumped some more. R23k is closer to $1700 right now.

But importing will cost you unless you're headed out here to hunt in any case (which, for obvious reasons, is a good deal in any case).