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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I stopped by a gun shop on my way home, looking for a set of grips for that Model 60. One of the clerks was behind the counter, holding a phone, with some 4472s on the counter.

What I was told was that the ATF changed its website for submitting online 4472s and it went live yesterday, and it promptly crashed. So the dealers have to call in and ATF isn't staffed to do it that way. The clerk had been on hold for nearly two hours.

If you're buying a gun in the next few days, or at least until ATF gets their e-shit together, be prepared for delays.

1 comment:

Ole Phat Stu said...

Guy goes into a gunstore to buy his first even gun and asks :-
"I wanna buy my first ever gun. What calibre should I get?"
Gun salesman, only hearing the first sentence, answers
"You'll need a 4472."

But they didn't have anything in that calibre so the guy left ;-)