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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The GOP's Orange-Haired Dumpster Fire Continues Unabated

Donald Trump has been bragging that he is good to disabled people because he complies with the American with Disabilities Act.

In other Trump news, there is now hard proof that he has tiny hands. So he's been lying about that.

Fox’s Meghan McCain chided Donald Trump and his family for casting aspersions on her father’s record of service when they had no understanding of military or veterans’ issues.

Speaking on Outnumbered Wednesday afternoon, McCain noted that her two brothers had had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan among other places and “served with honor while [Trump’s] sons were doing reality television shows.” She continued, “So being told that my family doesn’t understand war and veterans and veterans issues breaks my heart.” ... “I know what it’s like to watch my brothers deploy and think that they’re not going to come back,” Meghan McCain concluded. “I know what that feels like. And the Trumps do not.”
Sen. McCain's sons go overseas with weapons to fight America's enemies. Donald Trump's sons go overseas with weapons to kill animals for their heads.

And if you want an idea what life is like in a place where a thin-skinned jerk can order about the cops, go read this.

It's probably not escaped your notice, Gentle Readers, that Hillary Clinton has been lying low and not making news. When your political adversary is making a fool of himself, a wise candidate steps back and lets him continue.

UPDATE: Thin-skinned, to boot.


dinthebeast said...

Yeah, he's been treated so unfairly by the media, why they only gave him all the free air he could use in the primary so he didn't have to start spending money and clue anyone in to what a disaster his finances (that are supposed to be his main selling point) are. Waaaahhhh!

-Doug in Oakland

Nangleator said...

Something occurred to me today about Trump, after seeing all the recent political gaffes. (Don't get me started on ejecting people from your speech for silently holding up the Constitution.) No, this is the disturbing thing:

This is Trump on his best behavior. He would let down his hair (ahem) after becoming President.