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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Donald Now Open to Giving Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

So much for what he's been saying over the last fifteen or so months.

Be interesting to see how The Donald's supporters, including these racists, will take such a monumental flip-flop. Trump flip-flopping on immigration would be like Hillary Clinton proposing to give all high-school graduates a free AR-15.

Of course he's denying that he's changing his mind, even though it's pretty clear that he's considering abandoning a core foundation of his campaign. But the Trump campaign is showing a talent for denying that he said what he said. Even when confronted with the evidence. The first trick for a new Trump hire is mastering the flip-flop. (The "new, non-insulting Trump" lasted less than a day.)

One of the signature verbal tics that Trump uses when his his speaking off-the-cuff is to say "I have to be honest with you". It's a pretty good clue that what comes next is going to be both hyperbole and a pants-on-fire lie.

Meanwhile, other than running ads, you don't hear much from the Clinton campaign. They're following the old political rule of "when your opponent is fucking up, don't stand in his way." They are, though, starting to measure the drapes a little too early for my taste.

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