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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Crazies Are Coming Out of the Woodwork

[Some Asshole] was apparently enraged at the sight of a black man and a white woman kissing on the streets of Olympia, Wash., Tuesday night. But police say he hid his violent intent behind a stony face until he was close enough to strike.
[Asshole], 32, walked up to the couple and, without warning, yelled a racial slur and lunged with his knife, police say. The blade grazed the woman and went into the man’s hip, according to a news release from Olympia police.
After the attack, [Asshole] ran off as stunned onlookers dialed 911. The 47-year-old male victim, not realizing how badly he was injured, chased [Asshole] and “tripped him up,” said Lt. Paul Lower, a police department spokesman. [Asshole] hit his head on the ground and was knocked unconscious.
“He tells them, ‘Yeah, I stabbed them. I’m a white supremacist,'” Lower said. “He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest.”
And I'll bet that he's just the kind of asshole who is going to be baffled at the fact that he is going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and he'll spend a few more decades back in stir.


Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

Maybe even the kind of asshole who would sue his victim for "damage" caused when his noggin met the pavement.


"A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer."
-Robert Frost

montag said...

He'll get convicted or cop a plea, do his time getting Aryan Brotherhood prison tats and come out a bigger asshole than when he went in.

Comrade Misfit said...

At least Asshole will be facing state charges, so Preznit Trump won't be able to pardon him.

Gerald Parks said...

No doubt that he will have a bigger asshole ... errah ...be a bigger asshole ...by the time he gets out.