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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

B-52 minimum interval takeoff

Geez, doesn't anyone use tripods anymore? Even a monopod would have helped.


Deadstick said...

The movie Strategic Air Command did a much better job on one of those.

hans said...

looks like they were using water injection, judging by the soot

Comrade Misfit said...

Deadstick, yeas, but that one's been taken down from YouTube.

Deadstick said...

What I most liked about that film was the shot of a B-36 takeoff, one continuous take, from brake release to gear up. Paul Mantz took it from a B-25 in echelon left.

hans said...

used to watch B-36s take off from Ellsworth AFB outside Rapid City... the earth shook and your viscera did too when you were within a couple hundred feet of them... an astounding spectacle, especial to a 5 year old

Unknown said...

Hans: You'd appreciate the current scene at Ellsworth, since they've got the Bone now. Nothing has rattled me more than having a B1 bank overhead after takeoff at Nellis. Seriously rattled my fillings, even over the 8x vipers we were launching (and the 4x eagles sitting next to us ready to go).

hans said...

heh, indeed, Don... sounds like fun - too bad it's 600 miles away... right after Rochester, MN got its 9,000 foot primary B52s would come up from Omaha and do touch n gos... my dad was an ATC there and he'd give me a heads-up so I could get out there and watch... the runways and taxiways there were reinforced and 3 feet thick so RST could be a diversion field in case things Ruskie got intense

Comrade Misfit said...

hans, they didn't reinforce the runways for a Shuttle diversionary field?

hans said...

RST started out w a 7,000 footer... in '62 SAC parked a few B-52s there during the Cuban thing and some of the slabs cracked, so when the 9,000 ft extension happened they thickened n reinforced