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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Phrase You Never Hear Anymore

"Exploratory surgery."

That was fairly common when I was a kid, for a doctor would feel something or an x-ray would render a fuzzy image of something. The only way to be certain was to cut the patient open and look. Depending what was found, a bit of exploration could immediately turn into a major life-altering procedure.

But now, with CAT scans and PET scans and MRIs and ultrasounds, the doctors have a pretty good idea of what's there.


Marc said...

I've seen procedures and tests ordered for something, which as you said, would have been done with a physical peek inside years ago. Multiple views, 3D imaging, marker testing, etc really has (no pun intended) cut down on using surgery as the means of observation. Really only have to go under the knife when they need to remove or repair something - and many procedures are more pinhole or through belly button, to reduce scaring, rather than just open up over the site of concern.

w3ski said...

I have a "bump" at the base of a finger. It's enough to be uncomfortable at times.
I have had it 'imaged' to death, and all they will give me is guesses as to what the heck it is.
Time for some 'explorative' surgery again, except the one guy in my area that does this stuff has a year long wait list.
If I had some novocain, and a good set of tweezers I might just do it myself to get rid of the irritation.
Sometimes 'just taking a look' IS the better way.

Will said...


Traumatic cyst is the likely condition.

Second one I had didn't even break the skin, just a very bad pinch with heavy leather gloves worn. Blades weren't sharp, as they didn't even cut completely through the gloves. This most likely forced a bit of tissue into a location it didn't belong, so the immune system built a bag around it to isolate it. Then it fills with white blood cells to try to "kill" it. Just gets bigger over time, until it gets cut out. If you pop the bag with enough pressure, the body will build another bag around the whole thing again.
Surgeon did an office procedure, but apparently didn't get it all, as a lump was felt after it healed, and is slowly getting larger. Sigh...

Odd thing was, even though I knew exactly what the cause was, he wouldn't agree with that label.