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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Assholery Has its Costs; Alabama Edition

Alabama would pay just over $51,000 in legal fees to settle a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood Southeast over Gov. Robert Bentley's attempt to cancel the organization's Medicaid contract, under an agreement filed in federal court Monday morning. ... The Department of Health and Human Services warned Bentley after his [attempted cancellation] that canceling the contract could violate federal law. Planned Parenthood Southeast sued later that month.
Only politicians can get up and, with a straight face, pretend that getting their asses kicked in court is a "win". But that's just what Bentley tried to do.

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Stewart Dean said...

But it is a win for the shithead, because he can now campaign on how bravely he tried to stop Planned Parenthood, but was thwarted by the damnyankees.
Also, it's worth knowing that the head of Planned Parenthood, Ceclie Richards, is the daughter of Ann Richards, a life-long light of subversively successful progressive Democratic politics in Texas. Until, of course, she said that GHWBush was "born with a silver foot in his mouth", whereupon the Bushes buried her in an avalanche of campaign money. She and Molly Ivins were most special and showed the way to beat Southern bigotry on its own turf: with humor that made out the bigots to be fools and the grifters to be con men.
Cecile Richards learned uphill battle against bigotry at her mother's breast and kitchen table.