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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It Do Shoot

It do!

That's at 15 yards.

Putting a drop of oil here and there on the trigger mechanism helped a lot with the trigger pull. It's not target-light, but this is a service pistol. There's the usual amount of takeup that one would expect on a military weapon, but the break is

Might spring for some better sights, though.

What is odd is the safety, it's an older style and no ambidextrous. The right side of the frame has an arc of wear in front of the safety axis pin. The frame has a little bearing surface that a newer style safety would have ridden on. Somebody in the past had to have replaced the safety lever. Which might suggest that the gun had been issued to someone who knew something about using and caring for firearms.


Murphy's Law said...

Yours has no ambi safety? Bummer. But Cylinder and Slide makes a really good one if you feel the need for one.

Comrade Misfit said...

Not having the ambi safety doesn't bother me.

I've owned 1911s for well over half of my life. There've been times when I left mine at home because I didn't want to futz with field-stripping and cleaning it. More than one has that damned recoil spring plug been launched across the room. And holding the slide back a little and fiddling with a bushing wrench- meh.

Field-stripping a High-Power is just sweet by comparison.