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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Never Missing an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity; Part 57,894

According to the Strategy Page, a number of Arab states are, in essence, giving up on the Palestinians.
For the first time Israel is opening an officially recognized trade office in a Persian Gulf country. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) will host the office in Abu Dhabi. The Gulf Arabs are growing bolder in admitting their diplomatic, intelligence and economic relationships with Israel. In part this is because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Israel is the official “worst enemy” of Iran which most Arab Gulf states as their most dangerous foe officially or unofficially.
None of this should be much of a surprise. The Palestinians haven't had their shit together for a very long time. If Fatah wasn't corrupt before the Israelis largely drew back from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, they became so soon afterwards.

The Palestinians have been unable coalesce since, under pressure from the idiots in charge of the last American administration, they held elections eight years ago. Hamas won the election, Fatah refused to recognize that, a Saudi-orchestrated "national unity" coalition feel apart in a matter of weeks and, to the extent that a "two state solution" exists, it's the Palestinians in two separate states whose governments would be at war with each other, if they shared a border.

Western leftists aside, the reality-based world has exhausted its patience with the Palestinians. Even Lurch knows that no grand peace deal can be reached; the best that can be done is to persuade everyone to stop trading lead. It is a frozen situation.

But the rest of the world has its own problems and, to the Gulf States, the Iranians are a serious problem and they're willing to ally, formally or not, with other nations hostile to Iran. And if this is a surprise to anyone, then go look at who were our allies in the European Theatre in the Second World War.

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