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Saturday, December 12, 2015


Jake began waking up from a nap when he heard me futzing around with a camera:

He developed a urinary tract infection that took two attempts to treat. A followup appointment today with a piss test showed that he's back to normal. But he's now on Royal Canin SO urinary health dry food. The vet gave me a sample of Science Diet urinary tract dry food, which he wouldn't touch.

Have to keep an eye on him. He is an old man.

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B said...

Have had a cat who had thta issue. Have one now.

It is the crystallized urine which clogs 'em up.

Find the food for that which he will eat, and give it to him.

Alternatively, transition to a raw meat diet (chicken and beef) which is expensive.

My one cat lived with it for 8 years, passed at 10. THe other has had it for 5, aand is now 7.

Nuch more of an issue in neutered males.