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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Halt and Catch Fire Mode

For "hoverboards", the "catch fire" part is literal. It seems that "Chinese POS is an apt description.

If you have one, you probably should charge it only when you're there to supervise it and not leave it plugged in. A better idea is to package it up and return it or, if you can't, regift it to your mortal enemy.


w3ski said...

My Niece got her kid one for Christmas. They being Trump supporters, I wonder if it the purchase was some kind of political statement from them.
whatever kind of stubbornness or foolishness it was, I really hope it doesn't injure their kid or burn their home down.

Eck! said...

The biggest issue is the liPo battery and its charging.

Everyone wants a fast charge after all you can't play with it if its charging
and that has complications. Further the battery has to supply high current
in brief spurts. Couple that with physically small batteries and you get heat.
Lipo (and its cousins) tend to develop thermal runaway when pressed hard or
abused. Further when you charge a battery composed on many cells every effort
must be taken to insure all cells charge equally, likely that is where they
cheat and one a cell is charged (or discharged) incorrectly the stage is set.
It only takes one cell in the pack to overheat and burst the rest will follow.

Its not bad technology only it requires the same care any high energy power
source demands.