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Friday, December 18, 2015

Whining About "Selective Enforcement"; Po-Po Edition

The cop who pointed a rifle at people during the Ferguson brouhaha is facing loss of his LEO certification. His lawyer is whining about "selective enforcement":
“There’s selective enforcement against Mr. Albers, in a situation where we have now seen at least a dozen officers in the selected photos having their rifles raised,” [Brandi] Barth said.
I've sat through some traffic dockets, now and then, and while I've seen defendants argue selective enforcement to the judges, I've never seen a judge give it any weight. When you get down it it, it's arguing "no shit, I'm guilty, but so were those other guys and you didn't nab them! No faaaiiirrrr!"

I don't know how such administrative proceedings go, but if that's the best argument that his lawyer has, he had better be planning on a new career.

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