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Monday, August 20, 2012


Those fields seem to be pretty damned dry. One of those fields was irrigated by a circle-pivot system; it's probably a safe bet that the well ran dry.

Those trees should be all green. A lot of them have shed their leaves and either gone into hibernation or have died.

This drought is going to hurt you in the wallet. The great Midwestern river systems are running low, which means that when the barges can move, they're not fully loaded to lessen the risk of grounding, which increases shipping costs. The harvests of everything but grapes and apples will be hammered. Grapes and apples this year may be super, as lack of water tends to concentrate the flavors, but the trees and vines will be stressed for next year. Pork, chicken and beef prices may drop momentarily as farmers cull their stock and send them to market, but down the road, you may need to take out a payday loan in order to buy enough ground beef to feed a meal to a small family.

But hey, according to John Boehner, Obama caused the drought.


Unknown said...

7 months of a "commuter marriage," and my husband didn't mow the lawn while home, since early June.

Sue Burke said...

Just like Spain, except that it's not on fire.

Anonymous said...

I was in Canada over the weekend and a traveling companion said that as Canada becomes more temperate, more US farmers would move there or Canadians would pick up the slack and return to farming.

Comrade Misfit said...

Oklahoma has had some pretty bad fires.