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and then beat you with experience.” -- Mark Twain

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Memo to Self

There is a dish in some Mexican restaurants that looks like cigar wrappers that have been stuffed with chicken and then deep-fried. Turns out that is about the way that they taste.

Mistake #1: Ordering them.

Mistake #2: Eating them.

Mistake #3: Not going ahead and jamming my fingers down my throat.


By the way, what is it with Mittens? He's in the party that practically wrote the modern book on dirty campaigning. So Obama levels a true accusation, that Rmoney is a rich guy that pays a very low tax rate, and Romney is getting all weepy about how mean Obama is to him?

Cripes, the guy has no steel to him. If Romney didn't like working in a field where he and his cronies bought struggling companies, loaded them up with debt, sucked out the cash and then let the companies fail, then he sure didn't seem to have a problem cashing his paychecks at the time. Soulless, heartless and now spineless...

Now he's "Mister Sensitive?" What's going to happen when other people start to gang up on him, would he do a Palin and quit half-way through his first term?


Yogi said...

Hey EB, if you ever make it out here to SoCal, look me up and I'll take you for a round of Mexican food you can enjoy, any of the 6-7 major types.

w3ski said...

Yea, deep fried food can be a real Art.
What is Mittens going to do IF he makes President and Putin says 'mean things', is he going to go cry?
Rich, privaleged bastard that he is, No One has ever stood up to him or told him the truth much less a 'hurtfull' thing. He didn't grow up like the rest of us. He never had to "get along".
Worthless son of a bitch, he wants to be President and we the people don't approve his inherited greatness.
Poor Mittens/worthless rich boy

Nangleator said...

Imagine the hissy fit Mittens would throw if, say, China were to speak harshly to him.

I don't think Mittens would openly Palin, though. He'd keep the title, the perks, the parties... he'd just skip out on any of the work. Hell, the salary would cover some horse feed, probably.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Those cigar shaped things weren't tamales wrapped in corn husks were they?

Comrade Misfit said...

No. Deep-fried corn husks might have been tastier.