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Friday, August 31, 2012

Haters Just Gotta

For some gunny hilarity, you should read the comments on this post about the Hi-Point C9, the apparent favorite of low-rent bodyguards and mall-gestapo everywhere.

I don't know much about the C9, but the idea of the slide of a handgun being made of zamak (a zinc and aluminum alloy) does not give me the warm and fuzzies. Some gunnies refer to zamak as "pot metal", which is an insult to decent pots everywhere.* Using a blowback action in a handgun firing a higher-pressure cartridge also doesn't seem like a great idea.

But that's probably the best you're going to do if you're going to crank out a pistol with a MSRP of $155.

*Zamak melts a little over 700degF, so if you left a zamak pot on a hot burner, it'd melt. As opposed to a steel, aluminum or copper pot.


D. said...

Sounds like the update of the old Saturday Night Special.

Cujo359 said...

*Zamak melts a little over 700degF, so if you left a zamak pot on a hot burner, it'd melt.

If the last few paragraphs of that link are any indication, it looks like the pistol has a tendency to melt, too. As we learned on 9/11, metals start deforming long before they melt.

w3ski said...

Now you need to understand that I own a "High Standard" .22 snubbie that I learned to shoot pistol with in the early 60's. As a kid and for years after, I have shot tens of thousands of rounds thru it. Dad and I would buy a 'brick' of .22's each weekend when we took it out. Yes, .22s don't have the power of a 9 mill, and yes any revolver is probably stronger that any auto. But, it's quality is surely 'Saturday night special' and it has held up for years of use and abuse. Nothing wrong with a cheap gun if you know it's limitations.
Still, nothing beats a Colt.

Phil said...

That thing should be called a Cracker Jack Special.
WTF is the barrel made of, Bronze?