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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Missing Trials and Tribulations of Mittens

It can be interesting to look at a person's life and see what shaped them. It could be that a person escaped a life of crushing poverty or political oppression. They may have served in the armed forces, fought in a way, or worked overseas in the Peace Corps. Maybe they had to deal with a severe illness or the loss of a loved one.

For Mitt Romney, the answer seems to be "none of the above". What was his life experience, maybe being teased by the other kids at his preppie high school because his dad didn't work for one of the Big Three car companies? Being beaten like a gong by Teddy Kennedy in the senate race in 1992? Suffering a bad paper cut at Bain Capital, when he was figuring out how to loot yet another company?

Hell, even the last beswaddled privileged brat that the GOP nominated to be president played around in the Air National Guard (deserting for the last two years) and quit drinking (maybe). Both Dubya and Mittens seem to both have had an outsized chip on their shoulder because their fathers lost an election.

Mitt was truly born five steps from the goal line and he seems to be extremely proud that he was able to make the step from being born of privilege to becoming really wealthy.

Other than being a corporate pirate (and running the frozen Olympics in the middle of nowhere, as the Brits love to point out), what has he done? We do know that he wouldn't face the judgment of the voters in Massachusetts for re-election. And he's been running as far away from what he did there as he can.

So, you guys on the Right, why Mitt? Is the only thing he truly has is he's not Obama? And if that's it, then think back to 2004 when you charged that Kerry's sole point was that he wasn't Bush and explain away your hypocrisy now.


Peter said...

I'm on record as saying that neither candidate for the Presidency in this election gives me warm fuzzies - I distrust both of them. That said, I'd like to make two points:

1. I fully agree with you that there are many elements in Mr. Romney's background that I would like explained in greater detail. Much is not being said that needs to be said.

2. I can apply precisely and exactly the same criticism to President Obama. His adamant insistence on hiding many of his academic records, the details of his rise to preside over the Harvard Law Review, his subsequent political career and shenanigans as a Chicago Establishment politician . . . all of them are deeply disturbing to me - as disturbing, if not more so, than the uncertainty surrounding Mr. Romney's background.

Neither politician is trustworthy, as far as I'm concerned. Neither of their parties is trustworthy. We need a 'third rail'. Whether liberal or conservative, if a movement emerges that genuinely puts the people and the intentions of our Founders first, and restores America to what she was supposed to be, I'll be there with my support.

Mike R said...

You mean third party, a third rail is the electrified power source in a railroad system, and touching it can be deemed very unwise. An example, Social Security is the third rail of politics, or at least it was at one time in the very near past.

While you may not trust either, an honest look at the men will show that Romeny is probably running the most dishonest campaign ever, which is quite an achievement.

A simple question are you supporting the theory of original intent as a way to interpret the Constitution?

BadTux said...

INHIYAR(*), duh. Republicans have no memory so it doesn't matter if they embrace something today that they condemned yesterday, because yesterday never happened, it's down the Memory Hole.

- Badtux the "Yeppers, 1984 as GOP handbook!" Penguin

(*)It's Not Hypocrisy If You're A Republican

BadTux said...

BTW, I trust neither of the men. But focusing on someone's college grades is a whole lot different than focusing on how someone managed to have $100M in an IRA that, legally, could have no more than $200K in contributions placed into it... the former is largely irrelevant (who cares whether Obama made a C or an A in undergrad English Literature 1?). It's not illegal nor immoral to make a "C" in undergraduate English. The Romney IRA, on the other hand... well, it could prove that the dude is more crooked than Richard Nixon, which would be a Big Deal, since Richard Nixon was so crooked his staff needed a corkscrew to put his boots onto his feet in the morning.

Is the reason Romney won't release his tax returns is that there's a smoking gun in there proving he broke the law? Curious penguins want to know!

- Badtux the Curious Penguin

Earl said...

I know better than to trust either candidate, and both parties look exactly the same in the dark... where they both operate best.

Ron Paul was timely, so were most third party candidates. His people are going to make a wonderful mess of the Convention in Tampa. Which would be good for the Republicans if they listened to the message of the will of the People. Don't hold your breath.

Go do the things you like best (shooting, motorcycling, and loving) cause it will all be over when suddenly the ones in charge can't fool enough of us and the bills are due.