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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something to Think About As You Drive Over the Oakland Bay Bridge

You know, the bridge that they bought from China?

Turns out that the Chinese aren't particularly good at making bridges. And that was by no means unusual:
The worst part is that nobody is surprised by Friday's tragedy; this was China's sixth major bridge collapse since July of 2011.
When our bridges fall down, it's often because the asshats in the various state legislatures are too cheap to fund proper maintenance.

Building a highway bridge so shoddily that it collapses when a few heavy trucks drive over it takes some major corner-cutting and corruption. I kind of imagine that one would have to be close to certifiable to live downstream of the Three Gorges Dam.


Bridget Magnus said...

Maybe I'll just stick to BART if I have to get over to Oakland....

D. said...

Huh. It's not finished yet, but between this and the possibly substandard concrete that got poured (can't find the article right now), I'm thinking that when it opens I might take one ride (for pictures) and then make BART the main transit choice.

bearsense said...

Funny that this a subject of so many asshat e-mails about Obama outsourcing jobs.
The Oakland project was a product of Gov Auhnold .........

Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

Paul Ryan has a -voucher- for a bridge he'd like to sell you...