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Friday, August 17, 2012

"OK, EF5 Tornado, Pull Over, Yer Under Arrest"

Is there any rational reason as to why NOAA has its own cops?

I bagged off for the afternoon and went to the range because I hadn't been for awhile and because of other crap, I needed to get my head right. I shot two .38s, a Taurus snubbie and a Smith & Wesson Model 19.* The M-19 is scarily accurate, while at the same distance, the snubbie was shooting pretty much to "minute-of-thug". I'll definitely take the M-19 to the next bowling pin match.
* Both are technically .357s, so sue me.


Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

Funny thought - but the ammo's actually for Fish & Wildlife agents, who are "under" NOAA in the govt org chart somehow.


bmq215 said...

Looking at the comments it sounds like it's for Fish & Wildlife cops, which makes sense. Having done a bit of work on that side of thing I can think a few situations where being armed would be helpful. Nothing quite like angry sportsmen.

w3ski said...

Yea a 'good Smith' can be astounding. I had a "Bangor Ponta(SP?)Smith that was lousy, My next one had a different mark and shot perfect out of the box. Only thing I think more of is a "Python", that is mostly for the Factory trigger job and I can't afford that toy. Much as I would love to.

Sarah said...

Policing dangerous fishermen. I see. Entertaining comments on the OP:

"You know, all but the most violent of storms do respond somewhat to a show of arms."