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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Caturday; Living the High Life Edition

Jake eats from his new food dishes.

No, he's not eating from fine crystal. Those are glass "sundae" dishes from Wally-Woild6 (Slogan: Purveyors of Cheap Crap From Communist China) at a buck-ninety-seven per. One dish has the remains of his breakfast, the second has some kibble and Jake's eating his dinner from the third. They are really easy to clean, better than the plastic bowls that I had earlier bought from le Boutique Targét.

Plus, he doesn't have to bend over as much to eat from the glass ones. The plastic ones made sense when I had three cats, but now that I have only Jake, the glass ones work. And he is an old man, these appear to be easier for him to eat from.

Not that he seems to be complaining much.

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