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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ah, Frell It

You might have seen about how Mittens the Crier has said that he has paid "at least 13% in taxes" for the last ten years.

I was going to write about how we only have his word for it, since Rmoney refuses to release his tax returns. I was thinking about writing that a married couple filing jointly pays 15% on their earned income over $17,400 ($8,700 for single people), so if you made more that that, you paid more of your income in taxes than did Mittens. And I was going to write about how the Romney campaign has lied about almost everything from the start, so only a loyal Republican or a fool* would accept Romney's word on anything.

But frell it. Not tonight. Blogging about how Romney is, when it comes to being self-entitled, sort of like a enlarged version of Dubya seems kind of like stating that the Earth revolves around the Sun and expecting it to be received as some sort of new revelation.**

So amuse yourselves this evening, gang.
* To the extend that "loyal Republican" is not a subset of "fool", that is.
** Yeah, I know that there is a non-zero percentage of Mittens' base that believes the Sun revolves around the Earth. The fact that the Sun would then have an orbit altitude of 22,000 miles, the Moon would then have to be in between the Earth and the Sun and, if the Earth were indeed stationary, it would be impossible to have geosynchronous communications satellites doesn't seem to bother those fools.

1 comment:

Eck! said...

Gasp, thoughtcrime that mittens did less than a prole. This is untrue and I must do more.

I'd kill to only pay 15% tax rate. I risk being unperson for the latter more than former.

lest we see a countdown to Newspeak.