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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Automatic Defense Cuts

The approach of the two parties towards how to avoid those cuts shows some rather stark differences:
Democrats say the military can be spared if Republicans are willing to consider tax increases for high-wage earners. Republicans argue that the defense cuts could be offset with reductions in food stamps, benefits for federal workers and social services programs like day care for children and Meals on Wheels for the elderly.
I don't think I need to snark about the point hat the Republicans are eager to cut services for the poor and elderly in order to make sure that General Dynamics gets to make more tanks.

But don't worry, O Descendents of Sam Walton and Spawn of Rmoney, the Democrats will cave on this, just as they have caved on everything else. Don't count on Obama to veto anything, his "veto pen" has been remarkably quiescent.

Beyond that, by and large, it's not the kids of rich people who have gone off to serve in the wars of this century, while the Republicans have been doing their level best to make certain that the über-rich pay less and less taxes. Mitt Romney made something like $40 million in the only year of this taxes that he'll show "you people" and he paid a lower tax rate than a married couple making about fifty grand. Yet it is damn near certain that Mittens thinks that he paid too much in taxes.

It would be nice if the rich did more for this country other than rape the workers, push more burdens onto wage-earners and the poor, and buy elections.

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