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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Drought Isn't Having an Effect on the Crop of Crazy in Texas

(CNN) -- An elected county judge in Texas is warning that the nation could descend into civil war if President Barack Obama is re-elected, and is calling for a trained, well-equipped force to battle the United Nations troops he says Obama would bring in.

I'm going to save a lot of typing and just go with this picture:


bob said...

It's Lubbock Texas, and the two best things they ever did was close Reese AFB, and built a by-pass around the city.

Anonymous said...

But with the shortages of vital meds, IS there enough of what it would take to sedate the crazy?

Yogi said...

Please, can we forcibly secede Texas?

BadTux said...

Yogi, we gotta keep Austin tho. Damn goood music there, yo.

Yogi said...

Hey Tux, we'll make some space for the good 'uns here in LA