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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Old Days

The view from a window seat as a Super-Constellation takes off.


D. said...

Wow. Propellers!

I was last on a prop plane in the early '90s going from JFK to Dulles for a small convention, and upon landing I changed my ticket to something larger out of National because Yeeeesh! (I did know about National, but nothing was getting me on that aerial roller coaster again.)

Before that, we flew back from Germany (MATS). It is probably as well that I did not see the exhaust ports. That would have scared me.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Gee, I dunno. Digital photos of analog machinery? Seems anachronistic somehow.

I flew on a turbo-prop a couple of years ago in the Mid-West. Very smooth, well, smooth as air travel ever is. No roller coaster-ness at all. But maybe the approaches in the Mid-West are longer than they are on the East coast.

Unknown said...

rode in Connies from Anchorage to Kodiak ... most had an underbelly cargo pod and our weight made us use up damn near every foot of runway... loved the ride - like a cloud's shadow.

Steamer said...

Way cool.... thanks for posting that.....