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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is This Not a Form of Slavery?

Say that you are driving down the street, minding your own business. Then a large truck comes alongside you and swerves, pushing your car out of control and up onto the sidewalk, where you run into a pedestrian, injuring him badly.

Then, suppose that the legal system told you: "Too bad, so sad, but you have to personally care for that injured pedestrian, at your expense, until he is well enough to look after himself. And if he can't ever recover, then it sucks to be you."

I'll bet that you would not like that one bit. For you were a victim in the accident, as well, but because it was your car that hit the guy, it's your burden to care for him. Doesn't matter if you can get damages from the truck driver or his employer, you're still stuck with caring for the injured pedestrian. You'd probably scream about the injustice of it all.

So how, then, does that scenario differ from this:

Republicans who are drafting the party’s platform approved strong anti-abortion language Tuesday that makes no exceptions to allow abortion in cases of rape or incest victims.

Well, there is one obvious difference, of course: Men don't get pregnant. The vast majority of rapists are men. While men are also the victims of forcible rape (OK, "sodomy"), the only victims of rape who can get pregnant are women.

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