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Saturday, April 23, 2011

zOMG!!!1!! What if 9-11 Was an Al-Qaeda Plot to Get Government Benefits?

That seems to have been the thinking of Rep. Cliff Stearns of Florida*, who inserted a requirement into the Zadroga 9-11 First Responders Compensation Bill that any claim for benefits be cross-checked against the Terror Watch List.

First, the offensiveness of that provision is clearly self-evident: "Yes, you responded to help after 9-11 and yes, you got incurable health damage and we belatedly thank you for your patriotism, but first, we have to check to see if you're a terrorist."

Second, given that the Terror Watch List has resulted in such outrages as disabled Army veterans and small children being roughly manhandled at airports, does anyone have any confidence in that list at all?

* No points for guessing to which party he belongs.


Spud said...

Sure go after anyone but the real culprits ie; BUSH,CHENEY,RUMSFIELD and their loyal minions...

Ruckus said...

I have a fairly common name and was on the list for ever. Could not figure out how to get off. One day a counter attendant linked my name and my frequent flyer number on the list and ever since, no problem. But is anyone with a common name going to be on that list? How effective could it possibly be? Oh wait this is a bureaucracy made up by the bush admin. Never Mind.