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Sunday, April 24, 2011

For the New Graduates

Supposedly this year is better for new graduates than last year, but if the Teahadists in the GOP force a government default, all bets are off.

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BadTux said...

And the sad thing is that this is true even if you have a degree in one of the so-called "safe" fields like Computer Science. If you're not Indian and willing to work for $20,000/year as an "intern" on an H1B while living with 8 other Indian workers in a 1 bedroom apartment with futons on the floor, forget about getting a job in the Silicon Valley as a new college grad, for example... the only Americans being hired are those like me with a decade or more of experience, as the system architects and managers of those imported slave workers.

Yes, your tags are utterly correct :(.

- Badtux the "WASF" Penguin