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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Good Flying

The pilots of UA 497 landed their airplane at New Orleans after they had both smoke in the aircraft and a loss of its primary flight instruments. The airplane was apparently in IFR conditions when it happened.


Stewart Dean said...

So just turn and bank, airspeed (if that) and altitude? How the dickens did they control the FADEC? Boy, am I looking forward to the blow by blow on this from AW&ST.
Yet, in spite of Gallic Airbus software rules that know better than the pilot, they *were* left with enough to limp home. Thank God it happened so soon after takeoff

BadTux said...

As much as I enjoy railing about inappropriate uses of computers (I design the bloody things, I know their limits), I must admit that their designers in automotive and aviation applications do a pretty good job of creating limp-home modes that will at least get you to a safe place before the beast dies. But yeah, that's a situation where I suspect the pilots had to change their undies after the plane came to a stop on the ground ;).

- Badtux the Flightless Penguin

Stewart Dean said...

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