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Friday, April 8, 2011

John Boehner Can Kiss My Ancient White Ass Cheeks

Seriously. Those asswipes in the GOP are going to force a shutdown of the Federal government. Not because of money, but because the "we don't want government telling us what to do" are willing to use the power of the purse in order to tell women what to do with their bodies.

These are the same people that required the Post Exchanges and Base Exchanges (the armed forces' on-base stores) to remove all soft porn because it offended their morals. Gawd forbid that some nineteen year old sojer could pick up a copy of Playboy or Penthouse, no, we don't want to corrupt his moral fiber as we teach him fifty ways to kill people, nosiree.

No, I don't think that the Democrats should buckle on this one. The Republicans are "negotiating" like a pack of spoiled children-- "If you don't do it my way, I'll take my ball and go home, so there!" Fuck them. They are so eager to shut down the government, fine, shut it down. It'll be on them.

It'll be on them when Medicaid reimbursements aren't paid, when Social Security checks don't go out, when the Department of Defense has to issue script so that military families can buy groceries at the commissary and gasoline at the base gas stations. It'll be on the Republicans when the servicemen's families or seniors can't pay their rent or make the next mortgage payment or pay the electric bill.

If you filed your taxes in the last week or two and if you haven't received your refund check, you aren't going to get it.

If you planned on traveling this summer and if you've sent a passport application in (or tried to renew it), too bad for you. That's not an essential service. On the other side of the border, if you need a visa to come here, you're shit out of luck.

Oh, and if you wanted to use your tax refund to buy a gun (always a good idea, in my opinion), forget it. The national instant records check is not an "essential service".

Personally, I haven't received my refund yet. Being laid off last summer dropped me down a tax bracket or two from what my withholding was based on so I have a decent amount coming back to me. Which I could use. Except for the fact that the social conservatives and the Tea partiers are more interested in adhering to their ideology than they are towards making the government function at governing.

They can all kiss my motherfucking ass.


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the tea partiers whooops... seniors will still get their social security checks.

Nangleator said...

I heard that, too. But changes in service, new applications and so on will be extremely slow or a no-go.

montag said...

But when the Teabaggers have to wait for their new Rascal, that's when the oatmeal hits the fan.

wolfbitch said...

But..but..but..... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

And by "children" they mean "fetoids," because once the little suckers stick their heads out of the womb, the Republicans race for cover.

Plus, now you're not allowed to use the word "uterus" on the floor of Congress. Perhaps because so many of them are more used to hearing the word "cunt"?

Nangleator said...

That's awesome, montag!