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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Don't Care for Cities

But Denver seemed fairly nice. I had a conference there last week, which was in one of the downtown hotels by the 16th Street Mall.

It seemed as though the city has a somewhat laid-back almost stoner vibe. Walking around, I relapsed into my NYC walking mode: Avoid eye contact, walk like I own the damn place and project an attitude of "if you bother me, I will cut you."

Damn, though, that airport is huge and on the corner of No and Where. It felt as though it was halfway to Omaha by the time the shuttle had reached the city. People in Concourse C were walking around with coffee in cups from a Russian coffee joint, which seemed appropriate since the airport was about in northern Siberia.

There was decent and cheap Japanese food at some place on the corner of Colfax and Logan. Hell if I remember the name.


suz said...

I love/hate that airport. It's cool, and it is out in the middle of nowhere!

ubetiam said...

You were right about the city, but the airport has nothing to do with the rest of the place. It is truly in never-never land. And don't even ask what's below it. (Google DIA underground and you'll see what I mean.)

Me, I live up in the mountains where it's truly stonerland ... look up Nederland next and try coming in for Frozen Dead Guy Days; you'll love it.

Comrade Misfit said...

I remember the stories when KDEN was trying to get its automated baggage system working. They threw an amazing amount of money at the problem.

At least KDEN had free WiFi. And the Soviet-issue coffee was better than the stuff from Starbucks.