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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going to the Charlie Sheen Show?

If you bought tickets to the Charlie Sheen "Violent Torpedo of Truth" show, given the reaction of the people who already have seen the show, you should know that they are now handing out signs to those who buy tickets.


Allan S said...

Once a celebrity has flamed out, (Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise etc...)I cannot bring myself to watch them...I don't make a concience decision to boycott their shows or movies I just find it extremely physically uncomfortable to watch them.

Nangleator said...

This show seems like Charlie Sheen's gift to Charlie Sheen... an extravagance that he expects as his due that the world will pay to see.

I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't notice the booing.

If the show continued for any length of time, I'm sure it would devolve, not just into metaphorical wallowing in his own filth while masturbating, but literal wallowing.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I suppose he can be funny, but he really is a jackass. I wonder what kind of person would pay $100 to see him. That just strikes me as nuts.