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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Musical Interlude

"Beneath the Southern Cross" by Richard Rogers.

If you can click on the start button without glancing at the title and you know where the music came from, you are officially old.

Answer after the jump.

It was from "Victory at Sea", back in the day when the broadcast networks did documentaries.  Victory at Sea was a documentary series, 26 episodes (which you can watch here).


D. said...

Actually, I've heard this song since childhood; I just never knew what it was called.

squiregeek said...

Also recorded as a vocal by Perry Como with the title, "No Other Love."

montag said...

I just finished reading "Pacific War Diary" by James J Fahey about his government sponsored cruise from Guadalcanal to Japan on the USS Montpelier. This would have been a great accompaniment while I read it.