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Friday, April 29, 2011

They're Looking For You!

License plate cameras.

I've seen them drive through the "park & ride", scanning to see who is there. Besides looking for vehicles that have expired plates, no insurance on record, expired inspection stickers or known drivers who have warrants, you can be pretty sure that they have a database of who parks where and at what times. I'll bet they do the same thing in train station and airport parking lots.

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BadTux said...

Parking control here uses something similar to deal with meter feeders, people who tie up parking spaces intended for short-term parking for customers of downtown businesses by continually running out and feeding coins to the meter. It appears to have some kind of GPS in it and when they shoot the same license plate in the same place two hours apart, it beeps and tells parking control, "Yay, time to give the meter feeder a ticket!", which they do, with a vengeance, yay! (Yes, I support ticketing meter feeders totally -- we have plenty of downtown parking in the parking garages with a fairly modest fee for all-day parking, street parking's for short-term use by retail customers, period).

- Badtux the Seenitbefore Penguin