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Monday, July 12, 2010

Stupidity to the Right of Me, Stupidity to the Left of Me,
Idiots Rhetorically Volleyed and Thundered

People on the Right are fuming over the bank bailouts in 2008. On the other side of the spectrum, the governor of Massachusetts is pushing a "one gun a month" bill while Mayor Daley and his butt-monkeys on the Chicago City Council had a meltdown over losing in the Supreme Court. You can find no shortage of people moaning about the fact that it is now sort of legal to carry a gun in a church in Louisiana.

First, I'll deal with the morons on the Left.

I've been paying some attention to the Second Amendment issues for a very long time, now and one thing that I can say for certain is this: When it comes to the Second Amendment, most liberals are both hypocritical and entirely full of shit. The hypocrisy is easy: The Second Amendment is the only one in the Bill of Right that a lot of liberals not only will not defend, but run away from. Dedication to liberties and civil rights seems to have its limits.

What business is it of the government, any government, whether or not parishioners can carry concealed weapons in their houses of worship? Why not leave that to the people in charge of them? If the parish priest or the board of managers or whomever is running the show doesn't want guns there, fine. If they don't mind, also fine. But it should not be up to the state to decide, not after the state permits concealed carry.

As to them being full of shit:

Twenty years ago, a great many states prohibited carrying concealed firearms. One of the handful that did was Connecticut and there were no bloodbaths and Wild-West shootouts on the streets of Hartford or New Canaan.

But that didn't stop the various chiefs of police groups and the anti-gun whackaloons from opposing permitting concealed carry in every state where it came up. It was the same "parade of horribles" wail everywhere they lost the argument from Florida in the 1980s to Kansas a few years ago, "the streets will run with blood" as people legally carrying concealed firearms engaged in shootouts over parking spaces or whatnot.

Which didn't happen. Which is why concealed carry rights are spreading nationwide, except for anti-freedom states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland and Hawaii. It is spreading because the plan truth is that gun control does not stop criminals from possessing and using weapons. It never has. Gun control has been about making sure that "certain people" do not have access to legal firearms ownership. It always has been. The hypocrisy of much of the Left on this has been galling.

However, the morons on the Right are far, far more dangerous to this country. Two years ago, the credit markets worldwide were freezing up. There was a very real risk of the banking system collapsing. The Bush Administration, although mostly conservative, looked at the implications of that, swallowed hard and proposed bailing out the banking industry with loans. Vice President Cheney, who was about as much a right-wing ideologue as then existed in American politics, went to Capitol Hill and pleaded with Republicans to back the president on this, cautioning them that if Republicans once again allowed the financial system to collapse, they would be known as "the party of Hoover" forever.

Some Republicans heeded his call. They threw aside the ideology of the Right for the good of the country. Most didn't, preferring to keep their ideological purity intact (and probably secretly hoping that enough other Republicans had the courage to vote for the bailout).

Averting a second severe depression wasn't good enough for the purity police on the Right, I guess. They would have rather seen the country slide into a depression. I have to wonder why they hate this country and its people so much that they would willingly inflict an economic collapse and depression upon the nation. Why would they seek to wreck things so? Are they such treasonous bastards that they would take pleasure in destroying the economy? Is their ideology so precious to them that they would willingly throw tens of millions of people out of work in order to adhere to the printed babblings of some Russian emigrée?

Apparently so, for the courageous politicians who did what was necessary to avert a full-blown economic collapse are being replaced by ideologically rigid idiots. As a result, we are now one economic downturn away from a collapse of our national economy, which would not be averted because of the Right-wing purists. We came damned close in the 1930s to losing our freedoms to a Right-wing putsch. I have to wonder if that is what the Right really wants to see happen.

So I ask this: Why does the Right hate this country so? Is it because the halls of power are less of a WASPy male country club than they once were? Or is it something else?


BadTux said...

The right pines for the days of serfdom, is the whole story, lock stock and barrel. They pine for the days when they had absolute power of life and death over their serfs and believe that they are entitled to be lords of the manor with everybody else their slaves. The odd thing is that you pick the most inbred foul mouth white trash cretin from the South, the type most likely to be a serf in the New World Order, and a more fervent advocate of the right's agenda you'll never find. Joe Bageant and other liberals from impoverished back grounds attribute this to spite -- white trash in the South has always been impoverished and oppressed, and they want to make the rest of us impoverished and oppressed too. So there you got it, prototype serfs and lords of the manor conspiring to impoverish and oppress the rest of us.

One thing that kept this whole project in abeyance from roughly 1917 to 1991 was Communism. Communism was responsible for the greatest improvement in the well-being of the common working folk ever in this world's history -- not because Communism is any good as an economic system or system of governance (it isn't, real economies are too complex to be run by communes or central planning), but, rather, because capitalists were scared that if they did not share the wealth somewhat with the workers, the workers would revolt and join the nation to the Communist sphere. But when Communism collapsed due to its own inherent contradictions, that freed the owner class to return to their goal of the serfdom of the proletariate once more.

So, I'm a serf, you're a serf, he and she and he's a serf too. Serf's up and the water's fine, what's stopping the owners from going all the way? Not the common people, that's for sure -- they're more concerned about whether Lady Gaga has the right private parts or not, and so forth. It is to laugh, because the alternative is to sob hopelessly...

- Badtux the Serf Penguin

Eck! said...

Tux, I'm inclined to agree.

I'd simplify that to "its a failure to think critically".

It really never occurs the fools that voting for the lords means they can't be one. If your not a lord or their favored aids your a serf or more correctly a peon. So vote for your lord and be the peon you aspire to.

Oh, the NWO, is not new, its SSDD!