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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

500,000 Pounds of Toxic Shit- Dumped Into the Air by BP

BP kept their refinery in Texas running even though it was illegally venting off tons of toxic shit into the air. British Petroleum's refinery was already putting more benzene into the air than any other plant on American soil and that was before they began pumping even more crap into the air.
The part that malfunctioned, a hydrogen compressor, traps noxious chemicals, which can then be reused for fuel in the plant and other purposes. When the compressor stopped working, BP decided to send the gases to a 300-foot high flare, whose high temperatures turn the dangerous material into carbon dioxide.
Except that it didn't.

When are we going to do something about these environmental terrorists?

And why the fuck is the Coast Guard still allowing BP to clamp down on news coverage? Why is BP permitted to use local law enforcement as a goon squad to harass the press? Why does the Coast Guard use a reservist as a press liaison official when that same reservist works for BP's PR firm?

The Coast Guard might as well change its motto from Semper Paratus to Semper Pro Brittania Oleum. For I am starting to wonder where their loyalty lies.

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Nangleator said...

It's like they *want* to be evil, even if it costs them money.