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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shows What the Hell I Know

If you have ever watched the movie Shooter, you may have noticed the scene where Mark Wallberg's character is camouflaging his rifle with a couple of cans of spray paint.

I've always cringed at that scene (more from the idea of graffiting up a fine rifle), but it seems that is the way things are done. The one tip from the Firing Line is to apply a coat of Matte Clear as the top coat for durability.


Anonymous said...

Exciting movie that stays close to the story told in the novel it is based on.(Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter)But read the book for the kinds of details related to fire arms, particularly sniper quality arms that cannot be included in a movie.

Fixer said...

Please, flat black worked just fine for us. Nobody picked my ass out of the background foliage because my M-14 or MP-5 wasn't camo-ed.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

It may seem silly...but if looking through an optic, an enemy can easily detect the angular contours of a black assault rifle against an otherwise dirty tan background.

Eck! said...

A different perspective is paint is as good as shellac or poly on the stock.
For metal there are a variety of coatings that offer good protection against rust and corrosion. Heck we paint cars, shovels and everything else.

Paint is often easier to work with than
clear finishes for a good look.

And flat black is as good a color as camo or dark stained wood.