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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caturday; Guest Edition

This is Ozzarella, also known as Ozzie. She is very friendly.

Max is a polydactyl kitten. She was abandoned last year by some asswipe. She is also friendly, but not as much as Ozzie.

Two other cats in that house were nowhere to be seen.


lisahgolden said...

Your guests are lovely. Your owners are doing what they do, I see.

BadTux said...

It's amazing how some cats seem to develop an invisibility field whenever guests visit. It's like when TMF was mad at me for moving him into a new house, and disappeared when the house was still empty -- I hadn't unpacked anything, there was no furniture to hide behind, the boxes were all still sealed shut and most of them were still in the garage anyhow, and so forth, but POOOF! So about the time I was going to call the animal shelter and see if he'd been found, he walks into the room where I'm looking up the phone number and... YAWNS.

Invisibility fields, yo.

- Badtux the Invisible-cat-owned Penguin