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Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Worst Thing About the Modern Appeasers

Is this: They are perfectly willing to throw the people who are willing to fight to defend their land under the bus. I have seen no reports to the effect that a significant number of Ukrainians are interested in giving up their territory to appease the Russians. The appeasement push is coming from people in Western Europe and the US; whether or not they have been taking Russian gelt is an open question.

The people who are doing the fighting, bleeding and dying against their enemy and ours are not interested in quitting. They know that they are fighting for their freedom from oppression, from torture, from tyranny.

That there are voices in those countries not doing the fighting who are advocating surrendering to Russian aggression is a stain on our national honor. Maybe we can start a GoFundMe to buy them one-way tickets to Moscow, starting with the First Couple of Appeasement.


Grey Wolf said...

For those tuning in late, that would be this Tulsi Gabbard.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

A prophecy fulfilled?