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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The Democrats on Long Island (NY) Are Idiots

So, this is what happened: Some clown ran for Congress this year on the Republican ticket. He won.

But, as it now turns out, his resume is a work of fiction. 
  •  He claimed to have worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. He didn't. 
  •  He claimed to have graduated from Baruch College. He didn't.
  •  He claimed to have attended New York University.  He didn't.
  •  He claimed to have run an animal rescue group.  No such charity exists.
  •  He claimed to have lost four co-workers in the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  Nobody can determine who they might be.
  •  He claimed to have a family fortune in real estate.  Nobody can find a record of any properties.
What he didn't disclose was criminal check fraud charges in Brazil, which he committed (he confessed to it) during the time he was supposedly in college.

There is more. such as being evicted for non-payment of rent at least twice, questionable campaign expenditures and much, much more.

But this is the thing: Nobody bothered to do any opposition research on this clown? Nobody could be bothered to vet any of his claims?

Democrats, where the fuck were your heads? I would think that even doing a cursory look into the background of the otehr guy running for Congress would be Basic Politics 101.

So yes, this guy apparently is a liar, a criminal, and a grifter who hangs out with American neo-nazis. But you couldn't find any of this out?

And now his district is stuck with this schmuck of a goniff for the next two years.

Good work, Democrats.


yellowdoggranny said...

but didn't he violate campaign fraud? and fraud of other kinds? press charges and dumb his ass.

Stewart Dean said...

In this, the Dems scored own goal big time. Two additional things:

A) There was a oppo research firm hired...which of course turned out to have been incapable of telling its ass from a hot rock.

B) The downstate Irish progressive star and once-powerful head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Sean Patrick Maloney, blew the national strategy, blew the NYS strategy, gavv Dos Santos a free pass and, and...lost his own re-election bid. You can Google it or read the NY Post (Murdoch's NYC yellow rag) hatchet job;

Effing up By. The. Numbers. I belong to no organized party: I am a Democrat.

Eck! said...

Hes only part of LI. the most western 20-25miles of the 120 end to end.
Specifically the NW corner mostly Queens. Thre are 4 counties the larger
is suffolk (eastern 2/3), Queens , Kings, Nassau.

Saying hes from "LI" is like saying someone that lives in NYS which
is true by as non specific as one can get.

However having grown up there (suffolk county) it is very typical
of NY news and papers to forget LI out past The NYC boroughs.

And yes that idiot is a shithead.