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Friday, December 30, 2022

Netanyahu Makes His Bed With the Christian Taliban

Several [Israeli] ministries have been created with a focus on Jewish identity. Each will be led almost exclusively by the members of parties representing the various strands of modern Jewish fundamentalism — parties that resist any form of modernism — as well as the elements of the Zionist Orthodoxy that are increasingly both ultranationalist and ultra-Orthodox.

These parties are imposing on Israel a definition of Judaism that refuses to recognize the validity of the non-Orthodox streams, with which the majority of American Jews identify. They are even demanding a change in the most fundamental link between Israel and the Jewish diaspora: the Law of Return, which grants Israeli citizenship to Jews and their descendants. They have promised to make those with at least one Jewish grandparent and who are not recognized as Jewish by the Orthodox rabbinical establishment ineligible for automatic Israeli citizenship.

That is not going to sit well with most American Jews. "You are not Jewish enough for our taste, but send us money and pressure your congressmen to support us" does not seem to be a winning tactic.

American Jews are not be Jewish enough for Netanyahu and his government, but they're Jewish enough to be attacked and killed by neo-nazis and white supremacists.

The Christian Taliban is supporting Netanyahu because they have some batshit-crazy view that the existence of Israel is a precursor to bring on the end of the Universe, which they all seem to be waiting for with some sort of sadistic/masochistic fever. I don't get it, but nobody is paying me to understand that level of crazy.

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