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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Purging These Down, Here


Eck! said...

This says it all for me. The page has far more than
this so it a bit of a read. However they are by
definition anti-democratic.


Q: What is conservatism?
A: Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristocracy.

Q: What is wrong with conservatism?
A: Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world.


B said...

And yet you are afraid to face conservatism head on, and censor it instead of refuting it. You know that given a fair run, you'll lose to conservatives.

Sad, really.

Comrade Misfit said...

When you are sarcastic and disrespectful to me in my own space, B, I will delete your comments. Sorry if you don't like it. You come across as a self-righteous, arrogant man who is somewhere to the right of Atilla the Hun.

And, before you whine too hard, the last part of the description was told to me, years ago, by a conservative.

I have no fear of conservatives. They yearn for a time when men were king, women were kept down and minorities were forced to be subservient by the Klan. They want to go back to the days when only white men were allowed to hold professional jobs. If a woman or a minority gets the job, they scream "EEO hire", and never once reflect on the historical fact that the only reason that white men had those jobs was because of blatant discrimination.

Conservativism reeks of self-entitlement.

Bottom line for you: Feel free to comment. But if you can't restrain your urge to be snarky and disrespectful, then I'll show you the exit, much like one of your fellow "conservatives" has been ban-hammered.

Eck! said...

you are an idiot.

Getting punted for being an ass is not freedom of
speech it it abuse of your host. You have forgotten
that what you say has a cost associated. YOu can speak
trash and lies but then you will label yourself as an
abusive idiot. That's not something to be proud of.

The day you can make a point and back it up with more
than Faux News lies and their echo chambers you will
have elevated yourself. As is your down with the serfs
with them kissing drumpfs ring.

I started with Republican conservative views as in
Nixon and Reagan they helped pull my head out of my
ass and realize they were useless criminals.
Its pretty hard to startup in life as catholic and
not be conservative. Thankfully education back
then was not modern indoctrination. I was released
from perpetual fealty. Critical thinking is getting
facts and testing the claimed truths to see if there
is consistency. You never stop doing that. Even
Drumpfs words are consistent but its the repetition
of the big lie, the core of propaganda the world
of half truths and falsehoods to support it. It
fails in the critical thought process.

In the end you are not original, and only just
another echo of other echos. So for you there is
nothing for us to see here and you should move on.
The lack of personal creativity and a constant
mantra of lies has doomed you to be a serf to
Drumpf world.


Dark Avenger said...

B, you make unsourced assertions, no links to any news outlet, like your constant insistence that the Insurrection is the work of the DNC persuading all and sundry to believe what their eyes are telling them. You remind me of Sartré’s observation on anti-Semites:

Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”